In other news: GM and Zola get hit by cred-stuffing attacks; Clearview AI fined in the UK; mysterious APT hacks RT email accounts.
In other news: Oracle and Cisco release emergency security updates; ArguePatch malware attacks in Ukraine.
In other news: APTs heavily rely on public vulnerabilities; Conti shuts down and prepares for a rebrand; CISA warns of major VMWare bugs.
In other news: South Korea indicts four North Korean hackers; US indicts Venezuelan cardiologist behind Thanos ransomware.
In other news: Italy fends off Russian cyberattacks during Eurovision, and academics install malware on turned-off iPhones.
In other news: DEA investigates breach of internal portal; CIA has a new CISO; thousands of sites spy on what you enter in unsubmitted forms.
In other news: F5 devices come under attack; new US probe into Kaspersky; RuTube denies catastrophic data-wiping attack.
In other news: Colonial Pipeline to be fined for last year's ransomware attack; KO Attacks on email encryption.
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