In other news: LastPass discloses second breach; Google exposes new spyware vendor; Guatemala government hit by ransomware.
In other news: UNC4191 loves USB worms; Facebook fined €265 million in the EU; Swiss spyware vendor leak alleges FSB links.
In other news: Major Twitter data leak appears to be real; Eritrea shuts down darknet market; Russia detains phone fraud suspects.
In other news: Guadeloupe government hit by ransomware; Android driver patch gap; Mars Stealer servers get hacked back.
In other news: DraftKings users hacked for $300,000; new RobinBot DDoS botnet; Karakurt starts recruiting.
In other news: Vanuatu government hit by ransomware; AWS shuts down free Wickr Me E2EE IM service; Zeppelin ransomware secretly decrypted for two years.
In other news: Google wins lawsuit against Glupteba botnet operators; Popopret gets suspended sentence; France fines Discord for GDPR violations.
In other news: FBI came close to deploying Pegasus spyware; Google gets record fine in geo-tracking lawsuit; new PCspooF and Wi-Peep attacks.
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