In other news: user data pops up on hacking forum; new Metador APT; and new Windows 11 release comes with new security features.
In other news: RSOCKS admin detained in Bulgaria; Wintermute hacked for $160 million; and Mullvad VPN expands to hardware security keys.
In other news: Vietnamese couple takes credit for InterContinental hotels hack; GTA6 source code stolen; and Revolut hacked "through the use of social…
In other news: US charges IRGC ransomware crew; Uber discloses security breach; and Adobe gets new security execs.
In other news: Rust gets a dedicated security team; Magento sites see supply chain attack; and WordPress sites targeted with a zero-day.
In other news: Another Predator victim found in Greece; Kaseya ransomware suspect pleads guilty; and Dutch phisher continues phishing from prison cell.
In other news: New APT42 group; former Conti members are now targeting Ukraine; and Patreon fires security team.
In other news: InterContinental Hotels reports security incident; TikTok denies any breach; and authorities seize WT1SHOP crime marketplace.
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