In other news: GitHub discloses security breach; Microsoft is tracking more than 100 ransomware gangs active today; PoS malware blocks contactless transactions.
In other news: Russia blocks access to CIA and FBI websites; bulletproof hosting hotbed Seychelles to establish cybercrime unit; new data wiper malware…
In other news: FBI hacks Hive ransomware infrastructure; Yandex source code leaked online; Google disrupts major Chinese influence operation.
In other news: Apple patches iOS zero-day; Mango Markets hacker detained and charged; Security Keys for Apple ID goes live.
In other news: Riot Games cancels game updates after hack; T-Mobile discloses eighth breach since 2018; APT group deploys DNS changer on victims…
In other news: Chinese hackers breach Iranian government; Mailchimp hacked again; Bitzlato CEO arrested for laundering ransomware funds.
In other news: LockBit gang leader is a big drama queen; Magento store owners f*** around and find out; AMD security patch disables CPU cores.
In other news: Norton Password Manager hit by credential-stuffing attack; hacktivists leak Cellebrite tools; Lexmark printer zero-day disclosed.
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