In other news: FSB officer detained for stealing crypto from a hacker; Russia tried to hack Ukraine's TV channels on NotPetya anniversary; and LockBit…
In other news: Pro-abortion hacktivism; another mega ultra crypto hack; and a ransomware gang launches a "bug bounty program."
In other news: NSA says leave PowerShell on; CISA wants a cybersecurity hotline; and five EU states used NSO spyware.
In other news: New DFSCoerce NTLM relay attack; new OT:ICEFALL vulnerabilities; and Jacuzzi's backend gets popped.
In other news: CapitalOne hacker found guilty; Windows downloads blocked in Russia; and DDoS attack delays Putin's SPIEF speech.
In other news: Feds seize RSocks proxy network; US funds VPNs in Russia; and Patch Tuesday is not "ending."
In other news: NSO Group might have a new owner; Microsoft patches Follina zero-day; and an actually dangerous side-channel attack.
In other news: German energy suppliers get hacked, and Finnish police arrest scammer after he accidentally took a photo of his fingerprint.
In other news: Russia to block calls from spoofed numbers; macOS to block unknown USB-C devices; and a new Tesla car hack.
In other news: New iOS security features announced at WWDC; Russia launches national phishing portal; and US warns of Chinese hackers targeting telcos.
In other news: Russia wants to jail execs whose companies get hacked; Edge and Firefox get new security features; and the apes are gone again.
In other news: Dutch intelligence agency used NSO spyware; new Confluence zero-day; and CYBERCOM shenanigans in Ukraine.